Les Fermes Serbi inc.
841, 25e Avenue
St-Eustache, Québec
J7R 4K3
Tél.: 450-623-2369
Fax.: 450-623-7303

Three Great Specialties

Les Fermes Serbi is both the work and the passion of Serge and Suzanne Bigras. A farmer’s son, Serge settled in Saint-Eustache more than 35 years ago and for many years he built the business as we know it today. Over time, the farm has come to specialize in three specific crops: rhubarb, cabbage and tomato.

Sébastien, one of the couple’s three children, is ensuring continuity in the enterprise. For the past 10 years, he has been in charge of Le Groupe Serbi, specializing in cabbage production.

Goal : zero herbicide

Les Fermes Serbi are part of this new agricultural trend that advocates environmentally responsible practices and soil protection. Twice a week, agronomists tour the fields to monitor the outbreak of different insects and the health of the plants.

The research and the commitment to environmentally responsible practices of Les Fermes Serbi has allowed them to completely eliminate the use of herbicides in the fields. This approach decreases residues in the fields and protects the soil’s health, as well as the health of the workers and the consumers.