Fruit casserole

Prepare the fruits.

The fruits can be mixed, or can be sliced pears or canned peaches.

In this case, the pears have to be cooked for a bit longer, do not add the peaches until half way through the cooking.

Put the fruits, sugar, honey (or syrup) and a bit of water in the cooking pan.

Cover and cook until the fruits are tender.

Apples and pears require up to 30 to 40 minutes of cooking, except if they are hard, in this case, cook for 1 hour at a lower temperature.

The softer fruits and the rhubarb take about 20 minutes to cook, the currants, plums, etc., take up to 30 minutes depending on their ripeness.

Serve hot or cold with cream or custard.


750 g of prepared fruits:

- apples and pears, peeled, cut, cored and sliced

- peaches

- soft fruits

- currants

- plums and apricots, in halves

- rhubarb, diced

- sugar

- honey or syrup

- pickling spices