Scandinavian rhubarb

Combine the rhubarb and water in a pan (use more or less rhubarb if it is juicy or not).

Cover and cook until rhubarb fall to pieces in water.

Strain, pressing on the pulp to get 4 cups of juice.

Discard what was left in the sieve.

Combine the sugar, corn starch and salt in a pan.

Gradually add the rhubarb juice, stirring well.

Cook over high heat, stirring until boiling.

Boil for 1 minute.

Put on serving dishes with a spoon.

Cool well and serve with whipping cream.

Yield: 6 servings.


500 ml of sugar

1 ml of salt

150 ml of water

- whipping cream

90 ml of corn starch

2 L of rhubarb, diced